You just put your lips together and... blow.

4 May 1985
Bay Area, California, United States
Interests: (99)
adrien brody, all about eve, americablog, an affair to remember, anderson cooper, arrested development, arsenic and old lace, beatles, bogie and bacall, britney spears, buster keaton, cary grant, cate blanchett, cats, christopher walken, clark gable, clint eastwood, cnn, conan o'brien, dana andrews, degrassi, don lemon, family guy, fruit snacks, george clooney, gone with the wind, goodfellas, guys and dolls, hardball, harold russell, hillary clinton, house, i love lucy, indian clothes, it happened one night, it's a wonderful life, jake tapper, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, jon bon jovi's hair, josh holloway, judy garland, keira knightley, key largo, kiss me deadly, laura, law and order: ci, law and order: svu, lost, lucille ball, m, marlon brando, maximo park, mildred pierce, movies, naveen andrews, nicole kidman, noah's bagels, norma desmond, notes on a scandal, on the waterfront, ontd, oprah, paralegals, pearls, persian cats, peter lorre, peyton place, pizza, politico, politics, pride and prejudice, punjabi, reading, rod serling, saltwater taffy, san francisco, santino corleone, seinfeld, silk milk, simpsons, stalag 17, sunset boulevard, target, tcm, the big sleep, the colbert report, the godfather, the maltese falcon, the new york times, the situation room, the thin man, the twilight zone, tj holmes, tom hanks, ugly betty, vincent price, william holden, wolf blitzer
UC Berkeley grad, c/o '07, bitches.

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